Klee options
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Zhiyi Zhang
2014-07-29 09:18:21 UTC
Hi All,

During I am run the experiment of klee,I have some question about klee's

1, When I use the order to run klee: klee --libc=uclibc --posix-runtime
./echo.bc --sym-arg 3 , which options are enabled by default?

2, I am trying to reproduce the experiment in the paper OSDI08. It compared
the time using None, Independence, Cex.cache and All. I read the klee help
but I can not ensure the options about the optimizations still. Did you use
the following options when you did the the experiment in the paper OSDI08?

1),for non-optimization: klee.cde --disable-opt
--libc=uclibc --posix-runtime ./echo.bc --sym-arg 3*
2)or cex-caching: klee.cde --use-cex-cache --libc=uclibc --posix-runtime
./echo.bc --sym-arg 3*
3)for independence optimization:klee.cde --use-independent-solver
--libc=uclibc --posix-runtime ./echo.bc --sym-arg 3*
all: :klee.cde --use-cex-cache --libc=uclibc --posix-runtime
--use-independent-solver ./echo.bc
--sym-arg 3*

If these options are not right, could you tell me which options were used
when you did the experiment in the paper OSDI08?

I am very interesting in Klee. Hope for your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.
Zhiyi Zhang