New KLEE website
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Petr Hosek
2014-10-22 00:06:45 UTC
Dear all,

I have launched the new KLEE website (http://klee.github.io/) as some of
you already noticed a few days ago.

Apart from new design (which is still tentative and could change in the
future as we iron out various issues), possible the biggest change is the
use of static site generator, in this case Jekyll, and consequently the
fact that all content has been rewritten in Markdown. This should make it
easier to maintain the existing and author new content.

If you spot any issues or have any suggestions for improvements, please let
us know, or even better, submit a pull request on GitHub (


Daniel Liew
2014-10-22 10:49:56 UTC
Thanks for your hard work Petr. Looks much better :)

@Cristian. I've updated the redirect in the old KLEE SVN repo to point
to the new web page.

I've created a klee legacy website repository [1] but I can't transfer
it to the KLEE organisation because I don't have admin rights.
@Cristian could you give me the rights temporarily or I can transfer
ownership of the repository to your personal account and then you can
move it to the KLEE organisation. It's up to you.

Once this is done I can remove the gh-pages branch in the main KLEE repository.

[1] https://github.com/delcypher/klee-legacy-website