error while configuring klee
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Esser, Michael
2014-06-23 12:19:49 UTC

I want to configure klee, but i got this message:
checking llvm version major... 2
checking llvm version minor... 9
checking llvm is release version ... 1
checking llvm build mode... configure error: Invalid build mode:

What can I do, to compile klee successfully?


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Daniel Liew
2014-06-23 22:39:41 UTC
Post by Esser, Michael
What can I do, to compile klee successfully?
You should check the contents of config.log to see if there are any
clues as to what went wrong. If I had to guess but based on your error
message it sounds like either

* you haven't properly told KLEE about your LLVM2.9 source and LLVM2.9
binary directories
* you've built LLVM in a build mode that KLEE doesn't support