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Esser, Michael
2014-06-25 13:05:43 UTC
Hi all,

I have now succesfully build klee.

But if run the examples the test-N.xxx.err files are empty.

What can I do?

Best regards,

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Daniel Liew
2014-06-27 15:44:47 UTC
Post by Esser, Michael
But if run the examples the test-N.xxx.err files are empty.
What can I do?
Did you remember to compile your application with debug information
(``-g`` flag to llvm-gcc or clang)?

Help would probably more forthcoming if you provided a test program
that caused test-N-xxx.err files to be empty.

Daniel Liew
2014-07-04 15:00:32 UTC
Hi Michael,

Thanks very much for reporting this! I can reproduce this bug.

This is a recent regression that crept in when we switched to using
llvm raw_ostreams rather than the std:: streams.

I've fixed this in my own branch (and added a test case) and have
issued a pull request (https://github.com/klee/klee/pull/133) to the
main KLEE repository.

Until this is merged (I can't do this) you can grab my changes by doing

$ git checkout -b temporary_branch_name
$ git pull git-9UaJU3cA/F/QT0dZR+***@public.gmane.org:delcypher/klee.git fix_empty_error_report

which should hopefully fix your issue.